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Haifa abfuck – Eine Stadt greift an

zero tolerance, maximum rock! under this motto sergeant dennis finally made his way to the city of work who the reisefuehrer would call it. abu shakar houmus made our shit turn into shit again after the pessach bread turned our shit into piss. yallah habibi anachnu saying toda raba to every russian guy selling beers after 11 o clock. we survived the hell off molotov akol tov festival were people bite there ears because they couldnt stand our music. was great fun there, specially for Blind Mario who is the king of everything now and loves Fishsticks. thanks to everybody there, specially amos (a la plaja). i really wonder why you reading this. friday night sissi fight says the most beautiful people life in schwerta close to dortmund in the rattenloch but actually i never heard of this place but i know shitfuckim abaut the westgermany. the question is, were does the most ugly people in europe life? portugal or netherlands? send us the right answer and win a free cd!!! lets merry some israelis to get some citizenships! fuck mishtera…. see you

ARAK and no Beer after 11

Somehow we arrived in Israel and because People here are so friendly and relaxed we chill…………Still not Lovin the Cops but Tel Aviv wich is our first stop . Tonight we gonna play at the former Patifon Club wich is now a Activist place called Rugatga. Very nice people very nice weather and a big Toda to Amos and the red House crew and everybody who belongs to the TA street Punx……….im tired news gonna come soon………Kiss mir den Regen baby……