get behind us satan

The days are gone. Muddy smelly and relaxed did we finish the trip called tour. What started in Novy Bor , in a bar crowed with casual drinking settings , punx and metalheads ended in a chillaxed high noon with frustratet drummers and oily conscience in Berlin. A dinner for ten at the Zoro made us belive in the everlasting kingdom of darkness and taste. The indulgence of fried zucchinies and X-tra garlic was more then we could stand. Life was good. We enjod the despicable near of those wicked cooks and friends everywhere and specialy with you. The car did what we have told him/her/it while the prince of darkness whispert his poetic lines tru the boxes. And the kilometers past and past. There was much more then style and Dark maze . But still we loved the style….

so get behind us satan….


…and let us ride

let us marvel

and dance……….

to thank all of you who helped us and danced!!!666