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We are done……nach schweren Streitigkeiten bösen Verleumdungen und Zwietracht auf jeder Ebene haben wir uns entschlossen die Notbremse zu ziehen….WE QUIT …….and there is no commin back!!!!! Fuck you !!! But still we need to say Danke and love to the main actors in that cheap soap opera…

-------------------------------------------------------------Andi,Hank,Lukas,Spitzl,FiJi,Paul und dem Ungar -------------------

welche alle an dieser Tragödie teilt hatten….Peace and rest now!

………………………….. MCA…………………………..

fick mich mit der scheiße

thanx to everyone between decin and groningen who gave lifetime and dreams…now you all know how fast the trees could kill ya dreams….
But when you think we will lose grip now. FUCK IT AND FUCK ME WITH THIS SCHEISSE….

we are not sorry for livin a punk life but we are sorry for not playing and hopefully we all meet somehow somewhere



Time to do it again…….and we need YOU… out and get a good feeling!

31.03.12: Dresden/Roter Baum
01.04.12: Pisek(CZ)/Rudolfa
02.04.12: Decin(CZ)/Biograffs Club
03.04.12: Jindřichův Hradec(CZ)
04.04.12: Wien(A)/EKH
05.04.12: Innsbruck(A)/Decentral
06.04.12: Bremgarten(CH)/Kuzeb 20Jahre Festival
07.04.12: tba(CH,FR,SOUTHWEST D)
08.04.12: tba(CH,FR)
09.04.12: Strasbourg/Molodoi
10.04.12: tba(FR,BE)
11.04.12 : tba(FR,BE)
12.04.12: tba(BE,NL)
13.04.12: Rotterdam(NL)/tba
14.04.12: Groningen(NL)/NotekFestival
15.04.12: Siegen

TBA in german means this could be your venue……..!

when friends party

enjoy the experience of loosing teeth and a good falafel. Sun, beach, banana riding, pool activities and a little music….



to get to know more about the life of rock, crime and machination, there will be a Comic released soon wich shows it all.
The skyline of live including the ground of understanding….will you face the TRUTH TRUTH TRUTH….Visit the axes of evil fear the failure the sucess, hatred, and emotions. A paradise betrays his biggest Fans……

Its on, SERGEANT DENNIS faces the worlds most dangerous most shocking most tasty most ahi place. The muddy East!!!!
(just comic no love no bullshit)

$ OUT SOON $ order here!

hyper hyper weisd scho !

cold turkey breit life…..last chance and dont be afraid……..09.12.2000011 at the funky slaughter house AGH. Last gig this year with friends . Alot of them. From Space-BATALJ- and from France-MR. MARCAILLE- dont need to check them out ……they gonna blow you and your partner and then -----US.
22.hundert at the venue.. So make sure you´ll be there.


get behind us satan

The days are gone. Muddy smelly and relaxed did we finish the trip called tour. What started in Novy Bor , in a bar crowed with casual drinking settings , punx and metalheads ended in a chillaxed high noon with frustratet drummers and oily conscience in Berlin. A dinner for ten at the Zoro made us belive in the everlasting kingdom of darkness and taste. The indulgence of fried zucchinies and X-tra garlic was more then we could stand. Life was good. We enjod the despicable near of those wicked cooks and friends everywhere and specialy with you. The car did what we have told him/her/it while the prince of darkness whispert his poetic lines tru the boxes. And the kilometers past and past. There was much more then style and Dark maze . But still we loved the style….

so get behind us satan….


…and let us ride

let us marvel

and dance……….

to thank all of you who helped us and danced!!!666


here we go… dabei URSUS und SZENE MERCH!!!!!!

es empfiehlt
Anarchist Punx from Tel Aviv………Mahash brings the politics back to the streets…………..