fuck that wir nehmen den nächsten

Leider fiel die Konzertreise welche für August im Norden Europas geplant war nicht so üppig bestückt aus , weshalb wir und der Wizzard of Rock uns umentschieden. Fuck that ! ist die Devise und weil es noch bessere Bands als uns gibt fiel uns die Entscheidung mit den Rockern von URSUS aus Galicien zu touren nicht schwer. Herzzerreissende D-Beat Crust Sahne mit Musikspielern von ex-Kapellen wie Cop on fire und oder Ekkaia ….was das heisst ? sehet und höret im September…….and soon mit mehr infos



Und WIR im Basta zu Görlitz am o2,06, plus Voküpampe gegen 07 uhr………schneidet euch die Bärte

After Schau

Once again it was sehr nice with all off you and you who made this happen thanks alot and see you in hang over…….






Samstag Nacht Sissy Kampf

We like to thank a lot of people for whatever they did to us… wich means……we love following humans…Amos for everything and his bike, Dana and everybody from the RedHouse in Tel aviv and everyone around….Moran! Also Ludwig,Hoffman and kol ha fuckim chaverim from the StrassenPunx over there. Mohammed for his great Love for us and sharing his Sinai Dreams. The HC respect also goes to HaifaCityMonsta including Bruder Dean and Bruder Krishon to the BardoMaster Nimrod and Aviya(you‘ll get the chance again!…everbody needs to sleep!) for their unbreakable nervs and sleeping places. Desweiteren Die Mondo Geckos and of course the whole SissyFight Crew the soundman and bartender at the syncopa for all the kindness……huete also up for the pioneer Adam Dangerous Shoufra in haifa and his incredeble Ima and and and……..weedeating Doctors, film makin mustaches , Broken Fingaz and everyone i forget now becouse of the after power…….

ps….there seems to be paradise in Sachne……..


Haifa abfuck – Eine Stadt greift an

zero tolerance, maximum rock! under this motto sergeant dennis finally made his way to the city of work who the reisefuehrer would call it. abu shakar houmus made our shit turn into shit again after the pessach bread turned our shit into piss. yallah habibi anachnu saying toda raba to every russian guy selling beers after 11 o clock. we survived the hell off molotov akol tov festival were people bite there ears because they couldnt stand our music. was great fun there, specially for Blind Mario who is the king of everything now and loves Fishsticks. thanks to everybody there, specially amos (a la plaja). i really wonder why you reading this. friday night sissi fight says the most beautiful people life in schwerta close to dortmund in the rattenloch but actually i never heard of this place but i know shitfuckim abaut the westgermany. the question is, were does the most ugly people in europe life? portugal or netherlands? send us the right answer and win a free cd!!! lets merry some israelis to get some citizenships! fuck mishtera…. see you

ARAK and no Beer after 11

Somehow we arrived in Israel and because People here are so friendly and relaxed we chill…………Still not Lovin the Cops but Tel Aviv wich is our first stop . Tonight we gonna play at the former Patifon Club wich is now a Activist place called Rugatga. Very nice people very nice weather and a big Toda to Amos and the red House crew and everybody who belongs to the TA street Punx……….im tired news gonna come soon………Kiss mir den Regen baby……

….they did it again……